The History of Craps in Detail

Historians are still searching for the exact origins of craps, but some believe that the game is millenniums old. Even so, the history is one that is rich and filled with controversy, spelling out interesting tale.

An Egyptian Birth

Many years ago, historians came across some documents and implements in Egypt that point to the game of craps being played there almost 5,000 years agoĉ§˜ong before the first book of the Bible was ever written. This documentation is scarce and leads to great controversy in that regard. This comes as no surprise because the ancient Egyptians enjoyed their games and were known to gamble for food, water and precious metals.

The Accepted History

There is plenty of documentation pointing to the game of craps being played in Arabia during the 12th century, though back then the game was known as Al Zar. During this time period, merchants had to travel great distances in order to deliver and fetch goods, so the game was played to pass the time. Similarly, a man by the name of William of Tyre was said to enjoy a game called Hazard as he was hidden in a castle that he and his men had commandeered during the same time period. This game was mentioned in the famous work The Canterbury Tales written by Geoffrey Chaucer.

Europe and the Americas

Hazard became popular in England during the 17th century and it is thought that merchants had a hand in spreading the game to South America. During the migration period of settlers to America, the game changed slightly and began to resemble the game of craps that is played today. Though slight variations still exist, the American version is the most widely accepted and is played online and in-house in venues around the world.

Whether the game is 5,000 years old or a product of the 12th century still remains a mystery, but casino proprietors know that craps is one of the most popular games of all time.